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ALBION Premium Rabbit

ALBION Premium Rabbit


Albion Country Bowl Complementary Raw Dog Feed is available in 454g packs and contains premium mince and tasty vegetables and fruit all combined in one meal. The raw meals contain the vitamins and minerals that any dog would need for an active and healthy life. Energy levels can be increased by adding more Beef and Lamb to the diet when dogs are working as higher protein and fat levels are then required.

Only 4 left in stock

    • Rabbit 65%
    • Carrots 10%
    • Peas 10%
    • Sweet Potato 10%
    • Pear 2%
    • Plum 1%
    • Apples 2%
    • Contains ground bone

    • Crude Protein 12.6g

    • Crude Fibre 0.9g

    • Crude Ash 5.2g

    • Moisture 70.7g

    • Total Oil (Oil B) 4.11g


    We are aiming to deliver within 48 hours from when your order is placed.

    Delivery charges may apply.

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