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Beef & Tripe Mince - 80/20 Active (500g/1kg)

Beef & Tripe Mince - 80/20 Active (500g/1kg)

PriceFrom £3.55

Spend £50 and get 1 x JR Pate 200g for free

80/20 complete Beef and Tripe meal is formulated for Active Working dogs consists of 80% raw meat, tripe and organ meat - 20% seasonal vegetables and natural herbal supplements. Tripe is an undisputed superfood that’s loaded with beneficial digestive enzymes, essential fatty acids and healthy probiotics that can lead to improved skin and coats, cleaner teeth and an end to debilitating digestive disorders.


    • British beef,

    • beef tripe,

    • beef bone,

    • beef heart, beef liver, beef kidney,

    • free range eggs, seasonal vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, green beans), milled flaxseed, wheatgerm, kelp, milk thistle, dandelion, alfalfa, spirulina, nettle leaf, turmeric and thyme.


    • Protein 14.7%,

    • Fat 6.42%,

    • Ash (inorganic matter) 1.9%,

    • Fibre 0.3%,

    • Moisture 75%

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